„Dobra Zmiana“? „Good Change“? „Guter Wandel“? hmmm… NO!

The still used PiS-”rhetorics” of “Dobra Zmiana” – obviously being a “motto” since 2015 – very much reminds of an old suspicion – already mentioned in the article the day before.

(must be a sign for “being part of the Hare” ;) )

That suspicion was caused by signals from 2010 on – regarding the developments in Hungary and  also regarding strange signals in  the context of the Eurovision  2010 and afterwards…(follow the video-link in the article before).
To be clear: What we are talking about is a European anti-democratic right-wing-manipulation with Mafia-structures that we should stop  as soon as possible!

One step back to 2012:
The “Good change”-rhetorics has also been used strikenly by Jørgen Franck, TV-director of EBU during ESC in Azerbeidschan 2012.
(by the way – Hungary had  been a “favorite”- then the victory switched to Azerbeidschan)
With his rhetorics Franck  tried to claim, that ESC was defending Human Rights.
In the end this turned out to be a big lie – the regime in Azerbeidschan and the EBU and probably Brainpool took the main profits of the event – and local Human Rights defenders like Rasul Jafarov afterwards were left even more lost than before – and also felt like this.
Actually the “process” Franck mentioned in reality seemed to be that “right-wing-manipulation”-process  turning values upside-down and building up anti-democratic
networks of corruption and pressure on the Free Press – the results of which in the meanwhile are visible all over Europe.

Yesterday   “PiS” celebrated its “absolute majority” (“Absolute Mehrheit”) in Poland.
Oh wait – actually Stefan Raab – whose show “TV Total” was not only watched in
Germany – liked that “Abolute Mehrheit”-theme very much, too.
“But hey, you’re exaggerating – that was just about  fun and entertainment!”
No, unfortunately it wasn’t!  Mister Eurovisions-Berlusconi has never been harmless.

So – what is the real prize that e.g. polish people pay by voting for that party and for Jarosław Kaczyński – do they really know?
Though J.K. often already made quite clear that he was about to follow
the clear anti-democratic moves of his “role model” Viktor Orbán and FIDESZ
(the PM with books of Opus Dei-founder on his writing desk), people obivously cannot see
what the whole thing is leading to.

Actually those behind this game  – which I repeat is going on since at least 2010 – don‘t care at all about  the common citizens like you and me and about Human Rights
in Poland, in Hungary and in other affected countries.

Please: Don’t let them use and fool you – and at least keep your eyes open
and always have a look behind the scenes!


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